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News and Events

Our goal is simple: To help families become happy, stable and self-sufficient


Since we opened our doors in 2010, Starting Point Outreach Center has been helping families realize their potential. We do this through personalized guidance and assistance, working hand-in-hand with the best suited organizations and agencies for the most efficient solutions to a client's challenges and difficulties.

Welcome to your Starting Point!

We need your help!  It takes a lot of resources to accomplish our mission.  Our service to the Willard community requires a wide array of skills, materials and, of course, funds.  We need volunteers and donations.

The donation of your time and dollars is what enables us to continue to provide the assistance and services that give people the opportunity to improve their lives and to have hope for the future.


Who is this Jesus?  He will love you when you don't feel loved.  He knows the very intimate you.  He put you together piece by piece, and He has stamped you with His initials.

God came to earth to connect with us.  Through His time here on earth He left a path for us to find the way home.  Jesus has placed signs along the way.  The first sign will be a U-turn rerouting us from driving further and further away from God.  Once turned around he will have sign posts in place for us:

Starting Point is a Christian outreach  ministry dedicated to improving the lives of people and families  in the Willard and surrounding areas by providing encouragement, hope and assistance to deal with life's challenges and difficulties.  Whatever the situation, we will provide assistance and seek appropriate resources to help provide viable solutions.

Our goal is to develop relationships with people as we help them steer through the difficultiesthat they may be having in their lives, and as a result of those relationships we hope to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.